Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I've Got The Blues

I am amazed when I look back at the quilts I've made and see how many are either dominated by blue or at least contain some striking blue aspects.  When shopping for fabrics, it's the blues that often attract my attention first (although I manage to find the time to look at ALL the colors before leaving any quilt shop).

Besides the 2 or 3 (or maybe 4) blue ones in earlier posts, here are a few of my bluer quilts:

Cowgirl Blues (2003?) [for Karen]

Through Time and Space (2000) [Anniversary Gift for Jim]

Dorothy's 80th Birthday Quilt (1997)

Sunflower Wallhanging (20??) [with lots of Swarovski crystals]

Walk In The Woods (2008) [for Lawson because of Alaska!]

Blue Mountains and Meteors (2002?) [for David]  
This is just a small detail.  I can't find a bigger picture of this one.  But it's BLUE!

So, do you think I'm in a rut?  Old habits must die hard, because I recently purchase MORE blue fabric.  Maybe the best thing to do is go out, hit all my favorite quilt shops and buy anything and everything except blue.  Yeah, that's a plan I like!

I'll leave you with this lap quilt, although it's only partly blue.  When I put this one together I wasn't particularly interested in patriotic designs but I had the right fabric and it seemed like the right time.  I finished it on Flag Day 2001.  Not many weeks later we experienced the devastating losses on 9/11/2001 and the quilt took on a deeper meaning for me.  Since then I've made a couple things for Quilts of Valor; more on that great organization in a later post.

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Beth7Happy said...

Now I can't stop saying "Blues Clues", but that's a whole new puppy! Beautiful blues, K8 ...I especially love the one you did for Jim...'thru time and space'. WOW. well, and then there's the Monet......umm...oh, the meteors and mountains are pretty neat, too. Hey. I love 'em ALL!!