Sunday, April 22, 2012

More Mini Quilts

I'm willing to admit my interest in miniature quilts has become an obsession.  I showed you the first two in the last blog entry; I've now completed 7, plus two that go with the teddy bears.  

Here's the current 7 that will be given to the quilt guild for the January 2013 quilt show.  None measures more than 20" on a side; almost all are embellished by beads.

I tried to use a variety of techniques, from paper piecing to applique (both raw edge and turned edge) to regular machine piecing. Here are some close-ups of the newest 5:

Raw edge iris applique.

Paper pieced pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness.

Paper pieced flower, with appliqued leaves and a wide border.  This one is all batiks, my favorite fabric.  The only embellishment is a thin line of an orange/copper metallic.

Little pinwheels and flying geese in William Morris reproduction prints.  Pearls (no, not real ones) used for embellishment.

A simple square-in-a-square pattern using 1930's reproduction prints and a bright white-on-white fabric.  I used a variegated thread for the quilting.

It's going to be hard to give these all up!


Anonymous said...

Little quilts! So cute! Now that I've seen them I want to make some!

Beth7Happy said...

Totally awesome little quilties, Kate!! It would be hard to give up these little beauties...Soooo beautiful!!!! :)

Gone Tropical said...

oh how cute!! A quilt for the bed in my doll house... I now wish I could quilt lol

K8 said...

Wish you could quilt? You know, Beth and I would be happy to teach you!