Sunday, April 29, 2012

"Melly & Me" Purse

I did something this weekend that I don't believe I've done since high school sewing class:  I put in a zipper!  Yeah, a zipper!  Quilts don't require many zippers and so I've managed to avoid it all these years, but today I made a purse.  There it was in the supplies list... 13" zipper.  Yikes.  But it turned out to be easy and the purse only took this afternoon to construct.  It's a pattern by Melly and Me called Raspberry Ripple.  You can search Google Images and see the original.  This is my version and I love it!  I used a laminated cotton for the bottom pleats (recognize that polka dot fabric from my big tote bag?) and the handles.  That was a bit interesting, but I like the effect.  And think how easy it will be to keep clean!

This really was fun to make and I like the finished bag, so I will probably be making it again in different colors. Pretty sure I need one with red poppies on it somewhere and, of course, I already have poppy fabric that will work.  For this one, I purchased the large, cheerful print (50% off!) just for this bag, but I had the other fabrics in my stash.  I can hardly believe I FINALLY found a use for the lime green and wavy purple stiped one!  LOL I'm not even sure how long I've had it.

I didn't attach the handles as far down on the top section as the pattern indicates because I decided they should be a bit longer.  Next time I'll just cut them longer before I put them together.  "Sew and learn."

I found the decorative buttons when I bought the large print fabric.  I couldn't resist because the colors are a perfect match.

Here it is:  a zipper!  Woo hoo!
The bag has a large zippered center section and open compartments on either side of the zippered section.  It's not a huge bag but it's pretty roomy.


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